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Looking to sell your house privately in Calgary ? Depending on the condition of your house and how fast you need to sell, selling a home isn’t easy and there isn’t always a big profit to be had either, especially when at least 5% of the profit goes to the realtor. There are a lot of hassles and processes you must go through when you sell the traditional method. But when you give Mr Home Buyer a call, we make the process fast and profitable for you, regardless of the condition of your house. We take calls every day from people say “Please sell my house without a realtor” every day because of all the red tape that is required when selling the traditional way. We are the home buyers Calgary home and property owners depend on to get their house or property sold and cash in their hands, today.
For the most part, the traditional method of selling is having the house cleaned, staged, and pictures taken, and a sign in the yard. When you call Mr Home Buyer he will buy your house fast. No need to worry with real estate agents that are working to earn a commission and keeping their name in the headlines. No doubt about it, they earn that commission, but they don’t focus on cash home buyers Calgary area and that’s what we are. Their primary client base is one that requires banks and mortgages, inspections and report, etc., etc.

Here at Mr Home Buyer, we are here to get your house sold fast, regardless of the condition or the reason why you want it sold quick. Give us a call for help and you won’t have to worry about repairs, there are no fees, and we aren’t worried about a commission. We make selling your house a hassle-free process that makes you more money and take less of your time.

Things You Should Know About FSBO Houses

A realtor has a lot of laws and requirements to go through to help you sell your home, which is one reason they earn that commission. They will advise you what your bottom dollar will be when you walk away from closing on the deal. A realtor is informed and knows what properties like yours are bringing in your neighborhood and will give you a list of things to do that will get you more money. But these are all things that you can do yourself with a little research on the internet. Real estate isn’t as big of a secret as it once was these days, thanks to technology.

So, if you decide to go the FSBO route, you should be upfront about any issues and problems your house may have. Hiding these things can come back and cost you, even after the sale has transpired and completed. When it comes to real estate, honesty is the best policy.

A realtor for the buyer and the realtor for the seller is advocates of their own clients – each making sure the other one is getting the most possible. If you plan to sell your house privately in alberta in your corner, remember any potential buyer will likely have a realtor, and they will make sure their client is taken care of.

Not only are they going to go for the lowest price, but they handle the paperwork, and there is a lot! When it comes to making sure you get a fair market price and understand all the documents that will be handed to you, you may want to consult with a real estate lawyer. This will cost you a little bit, but it would be a wise investment to make.

A Realtors Touch Showing Your House

Next, a realtor will know what the right price for your home, they won’t have any emotional connection with the property. If you decide to go FSBO, you may be too attached to the house and property and ask too much. When comparing other “like” properties that have recently sold in your area, a realtor will know if the owner has done upgrades inside which could bring them more money on the market than your home. Of if you have done some upgrades, your home may be worth more than the other comps.

When you choose to go FSBO, you should hire a professional real estate appraiser. After they have walked through, around and checked your home thoroughly, they will provide you an unbiased report and provide you the information that determines what your home is worth. This will be credible information to share with potential buyers.

The Show Piece Is Prepared

Your realtor will give you ‘homework’ around your home that will make sure it is show condition inside and outside. This process will include de-cluttering and deep cleaning your home, repairs, and replacements.

When you call Mr Home Buyer, you won’t have to mess with any of these things. We are buying houses in the Calgary areas for cash, regardless of the condition. We won’t require you to make any repairs or replacements, there aren’t any commissions or fees to be paid out of your profit either.

If you are looking for no hassle sell your house without realtor or other property, call us at Mr Home Buyer for help.

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