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Are you wanting to Selling My House that needs Repairs but feel like it isn’t in good condition? Or maybe you have inherited a house that you don’t need or want and would like to sell it easily and fast, but you think it may need some work first? Every home in this country has some kind of issue at some point. Not all houses are in perfect condition that you see for sale. It may have electrical problems, or water issues, may the foundation is weak or the roof needs replacing. There aren’t very many homes that don’t need something done, even if it is nothing more than the interior being painted.

And every realtor you contact will tell you that there are repairs to be made, flooring or roofing to replace, just expect that. But a call to Mr Home Buyers will buy your house regardless of its condition that is a total rundown house or fixer upper. That house you just inherited and don’t need or want – give us a call. We’re in the business of buying Calgary houses for cash.

But there are other options you should consider as well, and we will share those with you now. Keep in mind, if you are wanting to sell your house fast, privately, and don’t want to pay a realtor commission, then you need to contact us at Mr Home Buyer. In the meantime, take a look at these suggestions:

One: A Total Remodeling Job

While a total remodeling job will get you more money for your house, it also will take the most money to have this done. And it won’t be a quick turn-a-round either, you could be looking at 6 months before it is ever ready to place on the market, maybe longer.

Before you begin the remodeling, have a professional inspection done of the house. They will provide you a written report that you can use as a check-list of what should be done. This could save you from having the whole thing remodeled unless that is what you want to do and can wait before putting it on the market.

Most home buyers do not want a diamond-in-the-rough either. They want a house that is ready to move in and live. So, if you choose to go with a total remodeling job, depending on the area you’re in, you can be pretty sure that you’ll have buyers for the house.

Two: Do Major Repairs, Fixer Upper or Selling Run Down House

Taking the same list from the professional inspection, tackle on the most important things first, such as repairing or replacing the roof, leveling the foundation, rework the plumbing and/or wiring, etc. These are items that will bring you the highest ROI when you sell the house.

These are also the things that most home buyers today do not want to have to worry about. Especially if they are financing the house, they may not have the budget and the house may not pass the lender’s formal inspection until those things are done and re-inspected. If you do not want to put the money and work into these things, you’ll need to be ready to accept an offer that negotiates the price down to compensate for the cost of those things.

Three: Sell the House “As Is”

The third option for you to consider is selling to a homeowner that can’t get a standard home loan and needs to you to finance it or find a cash buyer. When you sell a property “as is”, any potential buyer will know there is most likely some problems with the property and use those as a negotiating tool in getting a lower price.

We Are Cash Buyers and Buy Fixer Upper Houses

Mr Home Buyer buys Calgary houses for cash – that is our business. That includes ready-to-move-in and “as is” properties. You won’t have to worry with repairs, reports, there won’t be any commission or other fees either. We make the process easy and fast, getting you cash and the house off your hands. If none of the three options we’ve provided here sound like something you want to deal with, give us a call today. we buy houses as is

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