Selling Your Own Home In Calgary: How To Stand Out In A Buyers Market

It can be tiring to figure out the right time to sell your own home in Calgary. Real estate market conditions may shift quickly, and some sellers can become perplexed in the midst of it all. Getting trapped in a buyer’s market is one of the things that most property sellers fear. Often conditions are outside our control; you may need to relocate for jobs, or the financial situation may be unfavourable. If you get caught up in a buyer’s market, don’t panic! There are also a variety of tactics you can use to sell your home. Here’s how you should be selling a home in a buyer’s market.

What Is a Buyer’s Market, and how does it work?

When there are more listings available than people interested in buying them, it is said to be a buyer’s market. In real estate, supply and demand converge in a way that is inherently detrimental to buyers. Because of the oversupply, there is a lot of competition, which might push prices down. In a buyer’s market, real estate market trends can include longer days on the market for listings and lower sale rates than average. Overall, the buyer is in a better position.

Simply speaking, a buyer’s market applies to supply and demand situations under which there are more houses for sale than sellers. Market prices are influenced by available inventory, interest rates, and the economy’s outlook.

One of the most significant advantages for sellers in a buyer’s market is time. In a seller’s market, new listings are snapped up within a week or two. If the deal has lease or acquisition contingencies, you must travel within 30-60 days of accepting a bid. In a seller’s market, you’ll then become a bidder.

In a buyer’s market, you list your home with the expectation of receiving a bid in two to three months. That allows you plenty of time to pack and find a new place to live, which is a huge benefit. You continue to enjoy the rewards of being a vendor in a buyer’s market after you sell.

Business dynamics, of course, affect the valuation of your house. It all comes down to the theory of scarcity. Prices are growing in areas where inventory is poor. In a buyer’s market, though, your house could not be worth any more than you paid for it. It might also be worth less than you paid for it, putting you in default on your loan.

If you’re in a Calgary home buyers market and don’t have a tight deadline to meet, you may want to try sticking it out. According to the results, there is the best time to sell a home, region-specific.

When workers migrate for better job prospects, job growth affects the housing market. In a matter of time, before more consumers reach your industry, with job growth fluctuating, big companies like Apple predicting potential job formation and rumours of millennial entering unexpected markets.

Waiting isn’t always a choice, unfortunately. Fortunately, there are options for homeowners who would list in a buyer’s market to ensure that their home sells quickly and for a fair price.

Is There Something You Can Do About It?

Your Home Should Be Staged

One of the common challenges when selling a home in a buyer’s market is an intense rivalry. As a result, buyers could find it challenging to locate your property amid the sea of other real estate listings. However, this doesn’t diminish the possibility of a sale. If your property is unique and stands out from the many others on the market, you’ll have a much better opportunity to attract the attention of those who are looking. Consider hiring a skilled stager to increase your home’s attractiveness to customers and increase your chances of selling. Home staging is vital for making your home ready to sell in a buyer’s market; home staging is key!

Promote Your Property

Your real estate marketing tactics will make or break the chances of attracting the right client when you’re up against many competitors. Traditional approaches, such as front-lawn marketing and directly targeting real estate publications in your city, are still available. In a seller’s market, these are generally sufficient, but you will need to do a little more work in a buyer’s market. Though these are excellent choices, you should consider broadening your horizons when it comes to marketing your home.

Free listing websites are one of your better options in this regard. There are some excellent choices for getting the listing in front of hundreds — or thousands! — of prospective customers. MrHomeBuyer, a market pioneer in home buying companies in Calgary, has a property finder used by thousands of investors. This is an excellent choice since most consumers are real estate owners, brokers, and other business professionals who are usually concerned about their property purchases. Another big plus is so many people look for successful investments outside of their home states, so you’ll be able to attract customers from all over the world. You will market your property as an excellent investment opportunity, resulting in a substantial rise in the number of prospective buyers.

Take Professional Photos

Finding the right media platforms is just half the battle; you also need to create a fantastic real estate listing to attract prospective buyers’ attention. Professional imaging is critical in this respect. If you can find a photographer who specialises in interior and architectural imagery, you’ll be in fine shape to get the ideal shots. Those photographers usually have a more excellent idea of photographing homes to highlight those architectural features that appeal to customers. You’re in good shape to find a buyer if you have beautiful pictures and great platform ads.

Make sure the property is priced correctly

Many homeowners make the error of underpricing their home in a buyer’s market. Any sellers cut their rates too low out of fear of being on the shelf too long or overhyped market forecasts. This translates to a lack of future revenue, far from desirable for someone selling a property. Alternatively, you should exercise extreme vigilance when pricing your house, as the market can work against you. In this delicate equilibrium, pricing tactics may sound like a headache.

Looking into real estate comps is one of the better tips for selling a house. There are properties with similar features that are located in the same general location as yours. You will have some idea of what your house will retail for in the present market by looking at the value these homes sell. When learning how to market a home, one of the smartest things you can do is figure out real estate comps.

Practice your negotiating skills

In a buyer’s market, the unfavourable market conditions can result in a subpar bid that is lower than you wanted or willing to consider. You should work on your negotiating skills in light of these circumstances. Prepare to make concessions, but know when to stick to your weapons.

Negotiations can often result in a situation where both sides are happy with the result. Learning to strike a balance between asserting firmness in your positions and finding the middle ground will go a long way. Don’t give up if you get a bid that falls short of your goals. Instead, try negotiating.

Take the services of a real estate agent

It’s always a good idea to work with a real estate agent, particularly if you’re in a buyer’s market. Agents know how to market a home in the most effective manner possible, and they will also do so faster and at a higher profit. You’ll also have access to their network, which may contain a slew of customers or sellers, significantly increasing the chances.


These tips will help you sell your own home in Calgary quicker and at a higher price, whether you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s sector. It can seem intimidating to list your house for sale in a buyer’s market, but don’t be concerned! Sellers who are well-versed in the situation will handle the situation and end up with a great deal.

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